Initiatives-STEAM in Africa

We have selected different initiatives that are already underway to promote the STEAM talent of girls and women.


Ann’s Maths Club is an initiative that was birthed during the pandemic with an aim of helping students learn mathematics while at home and helping them develop a positive attitude towards mathematics.
We aim to assist students in sharpening their mathematical skills, as well as offer mentorship, to boost their confidence and change their attitude toward mathematics, to make mathematics more fun and lovable.


It is seen that there are very few women in the STEM field , this can be associated to stereotypes, gender bias and the lack of knowledge on the opportunities available to them. Research shows that most females in Ghana are targeted at the secondary and tertiary education levels where a career path has already been chosen based on their course selection. GIST is a foundation focused on introducing girls to careers in STEM at an early age in schools from basic four (4) upwards.


CEMASTEA is an institution of excellence that deals with training of science and mathematics teachers across the African region. The training is meant to ensure that there’s an improvement in performance in the all the science subjects as well as in mathematics.


The Ghana Science and Tech Explorer Challenge Prize (GSTEP) excites, encourages and supports Junior High School (JHS) students (11-16) and teachers in Ghana to develop practical Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) skills and products that benefit local communities.
For Ghana to truly thrive, a community must awaken and support the development of our future leaders. GSTEP is inspiring and empowering the next generation of inventors, industry leaders and entrepreneurs in Ghana.


Provides young women and girls in Uganda with special focus on those from underserved communities with practical skills, tools, and work opportunities to become innovative technologists, leaders, and entrepreneurs equally participating in and influencing African economies. Our Programs a) WITI program provides hands on practical computer science skills and support to find a work opportunity. b) Elevate program is a three (3) months training program that engages young women and girls…


She Code Africa is a registered non-profit organisation aimed at empowering young girls and women across Africa with technical and soft skills needed to match or scale their careers in STEM With a mission to bring in more girls and women in Africa into technology through our offline hands-on-training and events focused on all aspects of technology while also giving a platform and voice to existing members helping them grow technically.

Ivory Coast

Against a backdrop of rising youth unemployment, new technologies offer alternatives to traditional employment.
The mission of the Fondation Jeunesse Numérique is to create an ecosystem that facilitates the initiatives of young digital entrepreneurs.


We are a youth based social enterprise that aims at creating career awareness and lightening career paths to youth. Our major goal is to unleash youth’s potential by actively involving them in making informed career decisions and career consultancy. While we are at it, we run community outreaches based on different disciplines


Tech Kidz Africa is a technology Academy that aims to cultivate and nurture the spirit of the Silicon Valley to children in Africa. This is done by customizing software programs and hardware robotic kits for coaching children in Technology. The program also emphasizes character development of children through coaching in Life skills.