About Us

The Alliance STEAM Afrika Education is an initiative of the Association Return Initiative for the Development of Sub-Saharan Africa, which was created with the aim of promoting STEAM vocations in girls, young and women to reduce the gender gap.

Low interest in STEAM careers, declining performance in traditional STEAM learning, and the digital literacy gap are resulting in ever fewer STEAM graduates limiting not just innovation, but our ability to address global issues like climate change, mobility, and energy.

The Alliance STEAM Afrika Education is a project whose objective is to promote interest in science and technology among young people, especially girls. It is based on awareness-raising and guidance actions given by women, and men, professionals from the world of research, science, and technology.

The overall objective of the STEAM is to inspire girls and women to embrace science subjects with a view to their enhanced participation in STEAM courses and careers. Specifically, aims to:

1. Inspire and nurture girls and women to see science as part of their lives and to embrace STEAM fields for their future careers.

2. Provide the girls with an opportunity to relate and interact with women scientists and engineers for role modelling and mentorship.

3. Expose the girls to the learning environment at tertiary level institutions and especially for the different fields in Engineering, Applied and Agricultural sciences.

4. Expose the girls to the work environment in the industries to help them relate what they learn in school to the real world of work and their daily lives through demonstrations and hands-on experience.

5. Expose the students and their science teachers to the beauty, fun and importance of STEAM through introduction to Coding and Robotics and the development of Technological applications.

Our Mission

Its mission is to promote specific initiatives that contribute to shaping an education and training system that eliminates gender stereotypes associated with certain vocations and professions, that promotes female empowerment in STEAM disciplines from early stages of education and contributes to eliminating the gender gap. It is making headway thanks to the access of our young women to these disciplines, as is occurring at an international level.

Our Visions

Through an engagement, the Alliance delivers a diverse programme of activities across teacher development, student engagement, and education policy. All activity is driven by our four key actions, the agreed framework for meeting the Alliance’s mission.
– Developing teachers
– Promoting STEAM engagement
– Supporting STEAM education policy
– Promoting networking of educators