Nicole Mboya

Full Stack Developer | Lead Trainer in Edtech

As a full-time Full Stack Developer and part-time Lead Trainer in the edtech industry, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and teaching skills to every project I work on. With years of experience in both software development and education, I am able to design and deliver innovative solutions that drive business growth and inspire learners.

As a Full Stack Developer, I am highly skilled in a range of programming languages and frameworks, including [PHP, Laravel, Python, Javascript, React, MySQL, MongoDB and NodeJS ], and I am always eager to learn and master new tools and technologies. I have experience in building dynamic and scalable web applications and am able to manage my time effectively and work well both independently and as part of a team.

As a Lead Trainer, I am able to design and deliver effective training programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of different audiences, including students, teachers, and other stakeholders. I am skilled in using various online teaching platforms, learning management systems, and other digital tools to deliver training programs.

Throughout my career, I have worked on a variety of projects, from small startups to large enterprises. I am passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems and am committed to helping learners and businesses achieve their goals through innovative and effective training solutions.

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